The Boring Parts of Owning a Business

What is the day-to-day of running my business like right now? I teach dance. I shoot photography. And now, I am wrapped up in all different facets of pageantry. Since there is so much overlap, like pageant competitors needing dance routines for talent, and dancers needing photos, I figured putting everything under one umbrella would be the best option. Today I am going to share with you some of the mundane, but necessary day-to-day goals I am working on.

So here I have Sarah P Performance, LLC, and let me tell you, it has been a challenge to get organized. I have had to inventory about a decade’s worth of supplies to transfer them to the LLC. I have rearranged my house more times than I am proud of. Steve has been so patient with me. I have dressers full of dance costumes, photography equipment taking over the living room, and piles of projects I’m in the middle of on the dining room table! One day it will all have a place!

Every day, I try to make one improvement on my business. As soon as I have my home-studio fully set up, I feel like I get booked for an on-location shoot and have to pack it all up! My big accomplishment this month was redoing the bedroom for boudoir shoots I have received inquiries about. And as soon as that was painted and arranged, I got to see the closets that everything had been moved to… I need Marie Kondo to come into my home and just sort it–but she isn’t allowed to throw anything away!

That one improvement can be anything. Some days I am able to devote hours to it. Some days I only have a few minutes to dedicate. From booking a new client online, to organizing the desktop on my Mac. This week, I am very proud to announce that I have come up with new packaging for my images when delivering them to clients. Pageant clients do not need frames for their images, but that doesn’t mean I can just ship them in whatever condition. I need to be sure they are protected from any accidents in the post, and also that they are just as exciting to unwrap as they are to view the final prints. I will get to share this with you soon!

My next big projects will be setting up a semi-permanent home studio (shhhhh, Steve still thinks its only temporary) and organizing the rest of my equipment! Once it’s all organized, I can finish that inventory list I started in October! In the meantime, I have slowed down a little from having photo shoots every weekend, so that should improve my organization pretty significantly! It is so easy to get overwhelmed by everything that isn’t yet done, so I am trying to keep a clear focus on the end goal. I have a few bigger projects in the works over the next few months. I will keep you all updated!

One of the biggest things I am trying to do is keep a focus on constant learning. I have seen passionate and talented owners of small businesses fail, and that is keeping me ignited to learn the business side of things so I can be successful. A dear friend of mine bought a book on this exact topic for me, and the gesture alone was so sincere and perfect. I will let you know what I learn!

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