First Time Filing As a Small Business

Guys. Send Help.

This will be my first year filing taxes as a small business owner, and I am definitely in over my head. I don’t think I have kept proper records. I don’t know what I am doing at all. I texted my accountant and just apologized.

This year, I have been trying a couple of different ways to keep records. But I have also pulled from my personal account to make a large purchase of equipment. And I have taken from my business cash to pay my rent.

Most importantly, I have very minimal bookkeeping experience, and it was all written out by hand. I know that there are apps and scanners and books you can purchase to keep all of the records necessary, but that doesn’t help if you haven’t found the system for you.

I try to make things convenient for my clients. I have a Square reader for card payments, and I am about to unpack all of those records. I write my dance and stage sessions by hand, but I have a few different pricing options, so I have to separate those.

I haven’t even told you the worst part.

I still never finished itemizing the HUNDREDS of pieces of equipment, costumes, office supplies, sewing equipment, dance shoes, and hair/makeup kit pieces into my initial business.

I know, I know. I have had all of these things for years. But I have to transfer that all in to the business assets. We will get there. Today, however, is not that day!

I would love to know, what do you Small Business Owners use to keep your books?

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