First Time Filing As a Small Business

Guys. Send Help. This will be my first year filing taxes as a small business owner, and I am definitely in over my head. I don’t think I have kept proper records. I don’t know what I am doing at all. I texted my accountant and just apologized. This year, I have been trying aContinue reading “First Time Filing As a Small Business”

The Keys to Wrangling Children

I got a text from a dear friend of mine that said, “I think that you adopting children via pageantry might be the biggest plot twist of 2020” Let’s be clear, this is not my first time working with children, and I am really great at working with them, but the past several years haveContinue reading “The Keys to Wrangling Children”

The Boring Parts of Owning a Business

What is the day-to-day of running my business like right now? I teach dance. I shoot photography. And now, I am wrapped up in all different facets of pageantry. Since there is so much overlap, like pageant competitors needing dance routines for talent, and dancers needing photos, I figured putting everything under one umbrella wouldContinue reading “The Boring Parts of Owning a Business”

From Cadillacs to Glamour Shots

I guess this is where I get to introduce the major characters. Let’s just say that A has been the biggest catalyst for everything that has happened over the past two months. A and her daughter C were headed to a pageant, and on their way, they were involved in a terrible accident. They wereContinue reading “From Cadillacs to Glamour Shots”

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